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Int J Agri & Alli Acti

About us

International Journal of  Agriculture and Allied Activities is a peer-reviewed open access journal that publicizes Neoteric and advanced experimentations in the field of agriculture and allied sciences carried out by researchers. IJAA works towards disseminating the consciousness of modern agricultural technologies that promote the gradual upgrade of farming systems and provides unbounded access to new experiments and liberty to make sense of knowledge

The word agriculture derived from the Latin word “ager” means land and “culture” means cultivation. It is the primary sector of the economy and satisfies the feed needs by the domestication of plants and animals. The recent advances in agriculture include hydroponics, Aeroponics, Greenhouse technology, cold storages, and seed banks to preserve genetic diversity, etc. IJAA welcomes any kind of article such as research articles, review papers, Short communication, Case Studies, book reviews, letters, etc. and provides a platform for Horticulturists, Plant pathologists, Agronomists, Agricultural scientists to share and extend their innovations.


To promote an integrated farming system by which high quality of food and renewable energy are produced by using soil, water, and other natural resources efficiently.

To support precision and sustainable agriculture with the goal of optimizing returns on inputs while preserving res....Readmore


IJAA Publishes the most exciting innovations regarding the agriculture technologies and it covers all the branches accompanying to this field.

 IJAA is of premium standards with regards to quality and it cover all the dimensions of Crop physiology, Forestry, Plant Biochemistry....Readmore

Editorial Board

Izhar Mithal Jiskani

China University of Mining and Technology, China